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How amazing are books? It’s a flat surface made from a tree with words printed with "Once Upon a Time" about a place and time you’ve never seen or lived. You hold it in hand, and at a glance, you’re inside the mind of another person. The creator of a story is speaking inside your head, directly to you. Writing is the greatest of human inventions that bring people together who never knew each other. People from all parts of the world learn about cultures, places, sounds, love and loss, wonder, possibly a new skill, and sometimes creates miracles. Books communicate with words that take you through an adventure. Books are proof that humans can create magic from words. 

Jackie Lynaugh, Author

Jackie Lynaugh very much enjoys engaging with readers and frequently speaks remotely via Zoom web conference, at book clubs that read her work. Here are the guidelines for engaging with Ms. Lynaugh to speak remotely at your book club:

Visit here for a list of her books:

1) Book clubs of six or more readers and larger, please.

2) Use the form below to choose a time and date for your book club session. When your group has completed the reading of any one of her novels.  Zoom web conference information will be sent with a booking confirmation.

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