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Book 4

Book 5


Category Drama & Plays, Romantic Suspense

What comes first: love, marriage, then comes baby carriage. Not for Lee and Scarlett: First comes divorce, then comes a readymade family from a first marriage.

Scarlett is a hopeless romantic country girl with a complicated life. Modifying her life to simplify, by removing 10 years of her life.

Then comes Lee, a bearded bad-boy helicopter pilot, set in his ways with an attitude my way or the highway. There’s a reason Lee doesn’t do high-maintenance women. Especially not the romantic ones or married with children. Lee, a traveling man never in one place too long. A bachelor for life is his only plan.

A chance meeting at the local Post Office turns life uncomplicated. Scarlett’s dream comes true. When her hero comes along, special delivered by airmail to the local Post Office. STAMPED, “Do Not Return.” Guaranteed to get the thrill of your life.

Intense sexual chemistry explodes between Lee and Scarlett. Trouble brewing and they escape from who’s complicating their life.