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Never say Never: I'm Not a Sweet Thing and I Don't Sugarcoat My Words.


Explore a unique setting on a citrus plantation in southern Florida and discover the shocking outcome about the phony pretender bamboozling family funds with death do us part in the last will and testament with a snap of a finger in PLANTATION HILL second series, NECTAR. A place where money grows on trees. It’s as juicy as the nectar of a navel orange. A story about settling the score for vengeance is mine in love and loss—and don't call her sweet thing, she's all out of sugar and will even the score.


“The story of Plantation Hill offers a hefty dose of reality. There’s also a final, damning piece of evidence in the courtroom scene that feels very much like a deus ex machina. A family saga with a worthwhile premise. Ms. Lynaugh has a distinct knack for worldbuilding and setting scenes.” – KIRKUS Reviews

♥ Plantation Hill Series:


NECTAR (Book 2)

HART to HART (Book 3)

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