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The log cabin was painted with oil that I did before I wrote the book INSIDE GLASS TOWERS
which became the focal point of the story.

My name is Jackie Lynaugh, and I have a passion for writing romance thrillers. Today, I will be discussing my book, "Inside Glass Towers." A thrilling work of fiction and should not be taken lightly. The book is a standalone novel, spanning 445 pages and containing one hundred thousand words devoted to a woman's narrative taking place in the year 2013. It dives into the concept that life gives meaning to life itself, and a female family bond, which is the central theme of the story. Please note that it is intended for a mature audience due to its action-packed nature and subject matter. This roller coaster story will take you on an emotional ride, drawing you to despise and admire the antagonist at the same time. The plot revolves around three strong, alpha females named Nicole, Eve, and Gap, who reside on an island known as Utopia in Palm Beach, Florida near the famous and scenic A1A Highway. Despite their wealthy lifestyle, they lack a compatible alpha male who can match the prima donna’s leading ladies as they sing their tunes a little off-key.

Without giving away too much, I can say that a significant portion of the action takes place in the log cabin featured below, where Gap and Alva McGyver, the male hero, begin their relationship. Alva, a Navy SEAL, is not attempting to be a hero; he simply acts according to his training, seeking a peaceful life of solitude in the cabin with his dog, Stitch.

The reason I wrote this novel is because I needed to express the thoughts and memories that have haunted me for the past twenty years. I firmly believe that no one is exempt from life's hardships, regardless of wealth or status. Unfortunately, one of the topics I tackle in this book is the terrifying reality of kidnapping, which affects countless women and children. When I started writing "Inside Glass Towers" in 2016, it reminded me of a story I had heard thirty-five years ago about a prominent family in Florida. This story has lingered in my mind all these years, and I felt it was important for me to remember Julia Slater, a sister, friend, and daughter. The book deals with heavy emotions but also showcases moments of humor shared between the sisters and their mother. It explores their unique differences and imperfections as they strive to maintain their youth and beauty. Each character is distinct but shares similar needs.

I've received feedback from readers who appreciate the comedic aspects of the story. I often ask readers which chapter they are currently reading and express gratitude for their feedback while hinting at upcoming emotional moments will come. I advise them to keep the tissues close. I grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida, which was ‌considered a safe place to live. However, during my twenties, I learned about the tragic story of Frances Julia Slater, a young heiress who was kidnapped and murdered in 1982. Her story deeply affected me and fueled a strong desire to protect women and children from harm. I want to clarify that "Inside Glass Towers" is not based on Ms. Slater's life; it is a work of fiction. When a story needs to be shared, I believe in portraying both the sunny and stormy sides of life, for life itself is a mystery that hides between sunny and stormy days.

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