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The Lion Roars🏚

The real estate market is entering 2021 like a lion. There’s no indication it will lose that roar, assuming inventory continues to come to market. The old saying sell high, buy low. So, sell when the lion roars and buy when the cat meows. The best analogy about the market is that sellers are the cat’s meows.

NAR also reported that the actual number of homes currently for sale stands at 1.28 million, down 22% from one year ago (1.64 million). Besides, inventory is at an all-time low with 2.3 months’ supply available at the current sales pace. In a normal market, and we know nothing is normal today with everything going on all over the world.

If you are thinking of downsizing or moving, this is the time. Here at JACKIE LYNAUGH REALTOR GROUP, we are ready to let the show begin.