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Building Sandcastles

OBX Series

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At Her All


At His All
All in All


  Out from the Shadows ©

by Jackie Lynaugh


I wasn’t born to spoil under anyone’s shadow

and rot like an unhatched egg

I wasn’t born to follow orders

I wasn’t born for boredom

I wasn’t born to satisfy someone else’s needs

to take care of them

or they take care of me

or hide in their arms

or to be taken for granted

I wasn’t born to follow ideas of what truth is

or to live according to someone's beliefs

or to think along their lines

or to learn their facts

I was born to think independently

I was born to find my own truth

and make my own rules

and find my own way

I was born to meet life full throttle

Walk the Appalachian trails

To be seduced by an alpha male

Kissed a million times

and loved for a thousand years

To meet different faces, travel 

and learn other cultures

Watch the stars at night

Take long walks 

dance on the beach

be swept off my feet

be taken by storm

to be heartbroken




Lost and found again

I was born to get my hands dirty and

plant a garden and watch it grow

To get sand between my toes

Mud on my face

Sand spurs under my feet

I was born to jump into the ocean

Pick up seashells and find starfish

To go beyond time and space

To welcome miracles

To share a wishbone

and make a wish

To totally lose myself

I was born to feel everything

and to experience everything

The bitter taste of sorrow

The foul taste of hatred

The sweet taste of love

I was born to learn how to be grateful

I was born to know the truth

and learn how to give to I have nothing more

To work hard and play hard

To pray

I was born to learn how to speak the language of love

and unlock my heart

How to take care of my health

Learn how to let go of all expectations

and let the future unfold like unwrapping a present

I was born to learn how it feels to lose everything

except for the things that matter

I am born to spread my wings 

fly towards the sun

burn into ashes

fall to the earth and rise again

I will be proud of my scars and my wrinkles

My stories

My memories

My wisdom

My freedom

I was born to be free

and time will let me live my

life out from the shadows

   #WishBone  #FunnyBone  #BackBone  #Lips 💋




The road trip you are about to travel is through the anatomy of a crime in a place we ALL visit eight hours a day, five days a week, for 50-plus years of our precious life. Lara Faye Edison is in pursuit of a treasure trove to collect the scraps of her soul. Lara cannot change the past, but she can change the future.
It’s an all-paid one-way ticket excursion starting from the Carolina mountains to the Eastern seashore to explore the love-hate relationship with mortal remains. A journey through time to identify fictitious questionable characters we all meet on our journey through time. Everyone you meet on this scavenger hunt is the traveling Worker Bee.
Everyone travels through life, gathering their story like shells on the seashore. Every shell is different. In the story of AT HER ALL, you will get to know everyone by the origin of birth. There will be guides and manuals to help you along your travels. You will recognize the questionable characters by their accent, fingerprints, blood type, face, gender, ethnicity, class, height, weight, DNA, scars, habits, history, and 206 bones. The characters you meet will hide the truth as you gather the evidence.
Before billions of Worker Bees, what befell is the untold truth, terminated by creating a lie. Even when you are innocent or guilty, sometimes it’s impossible to prove either.
You will find many WHY’S in these words by the water’s edge as you castaway what’s been said. Fasten your seatbelt because it is a bumpy ride. It’s up to you to put the wishbone, the funny bone, the backbone, the tailbone back together again, and there’s one thing about words: you can terminate the characters you don’t like and never commit a crime. 
The story AT HER ALL is about finding life’s safety net and searching for those who have fallen through the loopholes, and the power of hindsight will be your foresight.
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