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Book 4

Book 5

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The Little Black Dress Series

Category Drama & Plays, Romantic Suspense

Coming in 2023

What comes first: love, marriage, then comes baby carriage. Not for Lee and Scarlett: First comes divorce, then comes a readymade family from a first marriage. Second comes the wild of the back roads of Minnesota.

Scarlett, a hopeless romantic southern belle with a complicated life. Modifies to simplify and found what she was looking for. Lee, the bearded bad-boy helicopter pilot, found what was missing in his life. United they uncomplicate both of their lives by rescuing their readymade family.

Oh, for gosh sakes, how life can change in an instant. Lee and Scarlett settle down out of danger in Minnesota. What will complicate their life now hidden in the backwoods? Many things come knocking.

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