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Fairies and dragons

Coming in 2025


The prevalent belief is that GNOMES are known for creating distractions through their mischief. Some considered them as gods. A particular American Indian Tribe believed that they resided in nearby caves, which were never entered because of the fear of disturbing these magical beings who only appear to certain humans.

Enter the magical fairy Crystal, the brave Indian Enoli, and the fierce dragon Yucca as they engage in battle. By the age of eighteen, Enoli had experienced an exciting childhood in a small village located in the Great Smoky Mountains of South Carolina. As the son of the tribal Chief, his only companions were the mountains and the forest, along with the constant danger present in the region. Despite this, he cannot bring himself to believe that anyone from his village could be evil. The horned dragon, Yucca, threatens to destroy his village. The tale unfolds as our hero, Enoli, braves the challenge of slaying the giant horned beasts to protect his people.

Determined to fight, Enoli has one option left: to enter the forbidden cave. This secret place is where the land's revered and feared defenders reach the sky atop the mountain. Venturing there is perilous. Back at the tribal camp, Enoli becomes entangled in political schemes, disloyalties, and conflicts amongst his people. He will confront hatred and daunting enemies, yet he will also discover a few allies who secretly lend a helping hand. In this place where he feels out of place, he is committed to restoring peace, whatever it takes. Will Enoli survive the underground caves where the Gnomes reside? What will he discover?

This epic fantasy is brimming with adventure, action, magic, and mystery, suitable for all ages: children, teenagers, and adults. Dive into the gripping adventures with a group of characters you're bound to adore.


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