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A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss.

A new study published provides evidence that kissing frequently is a powerful indicator of sensual relationship satisfaction known as a deep affection for a partner. The results suggest that “kissing frequently could determine if the relationship bonding is strong and the affection quality is high.” I had to know more about kissing. And can a kiss and affection be measured? Or is it the quality of the kiss or the quantity that counts?
I was interested in this topic because most of the research focuses on physical behavior and its association with relationships and satisfaction. And I love the idea of kissing. In the Covid-19 Pandemic times, kissing is something we've put on hold. And sadly, divorce is up. 
Even though romantic kissing (i.e., kissing a partner on the lips for an ideological purpose) is not seen in all cultures, it is everywhere in Western culture. Movies, T.V. shows, books, and more seem focused on that one magical moment where two people finally share a kiss. I wanted to see how important this small and typical behavior was for romantic relationships. In other words, I wanted to know if romantic kissing was essential or not. 
Kissing can be a valuable tool for men and women in helping the emotional and sexual aspects of the relationship to grow stronger. Kissing your partner more may increase lust, the likelihood of experiencing excitement, and increase feelings of secure attachment between partners. Kissing is a small part of romantic relationships, but it is vital not to forget we all crave affection. 
Future research could examine gender differences and different intimate behavior such as holding hands, hugging, and cuddling.
The literature on kissing suggests that men and women think about kissing differently. For example, some research suggests that men believe kissing is more important during the beginning of relationships or leading up to a sexual experience. Women seem to put more importance on kissing throughout the relationship and not just in the beginning. 


Another question that I wanted answers to is what does kissing do for couples? 

The study: A kiss is not just a kiss. Kissing frequency, sexual quality, attachment, loyalty, and relationship satisfaction are important to keep the fires burning. I learned a lot about kissing.​ Kissing frequently is a powerful indicator of a satisfying relationship, on both intimate and physical levels. Seal your kiss this Valentine’s Day. And if it feels good, do it every day. 

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