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The Little Blake Dress Series

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of Aunt Ida

Meet Aunt Ida, Secret Agent for the United States of America has seen history change and lived a life not all women have experienced. After the war, she became one of the first CIA female operations officers. Special Operations Executive (SOE) built a resistance network in Europe to engage in espionage and sabotage. Many women were recruited and became spies. It was believed that women were less conspicuous and were less likely to be stopped and interrogated. Female SOE agents were successfully working in France as couriers and wireless operators. Aunt Ida went above and beyond the call of duty. She was married nine times, lived to be 90 years old to tell her story, and has one great, great-granddaughter to carry on her work into the future.  



In the meantime learn what 90 years in the business of spying can teach us.🔎

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"This is a magnificent book that will remain with me forever. I love reading about the South, this is definitely the book. I love everything about the South and I am from the North, born and raised. This book has so much detail starting from the beautiful cover to the end. The characters are all unforgettable and each with their own story to tell. It's a book you can't put down once you start. Definitely a page turner, and definitely one to recommend to your family and friends. The author goes into detail about the enormous land and pastures and of course the home. Did I say home? Oh no! The exquisite plantation, that's the right word. I fell in love with Plantation Hill and all it contained. This is an exceptional book that I wouldn't be surprised when it becomes a movie! How wonderful would that be? Ah! I would watch it over and over. That's how goid this book is, and more!"

“The story of Plantation Hill offers a hefty dose of reality. There’s also a final, damning piece of evidence in the courtroom scene that feels very much like a deus ex machina. A family saga with a worthwhile premise. Ms. Lynaugh has a distinct knack for worldbuilding and setting scenes.”

"Everyone should read this, it's a great story. A fight to survive a marriage, the people who can’t see beyond their narrow little sliver of privileged life will find we are all looking for the same thing. The tragedy of greed is awakening. Hopefully the people who will read it can see what the horror of hate and revenge can do and make this world a better place to live. I learned a great deal by reading this story, get a good lawyer."

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