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Coming in 2025

Dr. Candice Martin, a former medical examiner, moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of a peaceful and fresh start in life. She achieved the life she had always dreamed, until a mid-life crisis. It all fell apart after the death of the love of her life and beloved husband, Tee Hart. 

Candice is determined to continue her profession and leave behind her past in Florida. However, her first obstacle is confronting the American Board of Pathology in order to regain her license after being fired from her previous position in Orlando, Florida. 

She is used to communicating with deceased individuals, not in a supernatural way like a ghost whisperer, but rather as a form of courtesy while preparing their bodies for departure. It would be rude not to exchange some form of greeting to prepare for their new journey. 

The first task that needs solving is who is responsible for the recent break-in at her new home in Tuxedo Park, which happens to be the wealthiest neighborhood in Atlanta, located in the north-central part of Buckhead. This seems like a job for the sheriff. 

Her adored deceased husband Tee left her with an immeasurable wealth. Finding love with a younger man for the second time around was never a part of Candice's plans. Nevertheless, destiny has its own predetermined course.

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