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What comes first: love, marriage, then comes baby carriage. Not for me. My life has progressed like an out-of-order freakish nursery rhyme: First, marriage. Second, babies. Third, divorce.

Yet fate wove a different tapestry for my life, where the joys of matrimony and parenthood accumulated a 10-year saga called 'the end.'  The happily ever after taught me one vital lesson: search for your soulmate, they are out there seaching for you. Tested and guaranteed at any age.

My name is Scarlett, and I seem to do things either too early or too late in life. I’ve learned the hard way that Southern tradition is all wrong and it’s extremely boring.

I’m a hopeless romantic country girl with a complicated life I cannot figure out. At the tender age of 28, I found myself among the ranks of divorced mothers, raising two amazing children. Society often paints this as a blemish on my record, but to me, it was an opportunity to correct past mistakes. My children are my universe, and I am determined to find our place in it. Our current situation is like the 1999 Y2K bug, which sparked panic buying and doomsday preparations globally. In theory, we could have applied more K-Y Jelly, and we all would have slid right through the disaster.

I reside in the vast, sprawling State of Texas, seeking solace by shedding the weight of the last decade. But then, fate led me in a new direction and a chance encounter. A shining guardian in a flight suit and aviator shades, delivered to me a package, STAMPED with a top-secret message that read, "Do Not Return."

My life began a whirlwind of passion and self-discovery. I learned a lesson in chemistry, both literal and figurative, from my intrepid guide sent by airmail when a ruggedly charming helicopter pilot named Lee, and his rebellious streak appeared. Set in his ways with a Midwestern attitude seems to have his life all figured out. And there is a reason Lee doesn’t do high-maintenance women. Especially not the romantic ones or married with children. He is a traveling man, never in one place too long. A bachelor for life is his only plan.


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In the forthcoming Book 2, titled “TAYLOR MADE,” readers will encounter some thrilling unforeseen twists and turns. Without giving too much away about the intricate plot, one of the pivotal aspects involves the sudden and unexpected arrival of a proverbial 'fox in the henhouse.' This unpredictable character injects a new dynamic into the narrative - but the question remains: Will this individual, Taylor, turn out to be a guardian angel, a savior who brings about positive change? Or will they rather serve as a devil in disguise, a disruptive force leading to chaos and conflict? The ambiguity and anticipation will keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

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