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Plantation Hill series


A quest for the last ultimatum until death do us part becomes evidence. Would you be willing to give up everything?

The story of PLANTATION HILL, a citrus farm in the deep South, tours the homestead from 1950 through 1992 is about a unique family, relationships, and faith. A father desperately trying to save his daughter’s inheritance at all costs is like a game of checkers. An awakening in how decisions, desires, and expectations can alter a family’s destiny. Asks yourself the big question: Is your legacy in safe hands?

You will find everyone who enters Plantation Hill will be somewhat cocoa bananas. Does this mean some crazy is lurking, or is there some delicious food served on the menu? Just remember when you enter Plantation Hill, come with a hankering to pack your plate full of a whole bunch of southern ways some people cannot understand amidst a little bit of spooky lie in wait. You may leave the farm a millionaire if you can connect the dots.

♥ Plantation Hill Series:


NECTAR (Book 2)

HART to HART (Book 3)


Step into the world of luxury on a captivating private island in Palm Beach, Florida. A place with deep pockets and gorgeous views.

Eve had always been the attention-getter. The big sister who was ahead of her time, and never just the girl next door.

Gab, the little sister, always felt she had to catch up with Eve to find her way until she graduated from college.

Life caught up with both sisters. Will secrets derail their chance to find love? Danger lurks nearby, and it forever changed their life when Alva McGyver, a Navy SEAL alpha male, enters their lives.


Inside Glass Towers


The book series is the kind of escape we've all been craving. From the Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, to Switzerland.

Lara Faye Edison has it all. A family who adores her. Fresh out of college. Her life plan for the perfect career. Ambition awaits her. 

She's wrong!

A minor problem left behind follows her like worn-out baggage. Namely, her college boyfriend—and his lies. Maybe it's time for a getaway, far from her problems.

She thinks!

But what happens next is something Lara never saw coming. Her best-laid plans come undone. There's no telling what a woman will do in the name of love—and revenge to get her life back on track from an overdose of lies and the loophole through hindsight.

At Her All
At His All
All in All

of Aunt Ida

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