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                                                 Greetings Y'all,


                                                 Join my journey through the tall tales of southern mysteries. I’ve                                                    been a long time lover of writing countless subjects for years                                                          throughout my technology corporate career and private                                                                      gratification to explore words. I cannot resist writing about the                                                      puzzling parts of a woman. I remind myself daily; I’m                                                                              shoveling sand into a bucket so I can build castles. 


​I’m a romantic at heart, love the ocean, painting landscapes, writing about life lessons, and devoted to my followers. I was born and raised in South Florida. I instantly knew the moment I met my soulmate, married, and living the dream of forever after. In 1982, we moved to the oh geez frozen State of Minnesota. I worked at IBM as a Marketing Manager, writing technical spec-sheets for computer engineers. My husband flew helicopters in the City of St. Paul. We are currently living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I write about the journey of southern women. Some southern women are known to be a pistol, and some are perceived as being too sweet or slow. The culture characterized by where women fit in this world is a divided line. How do women survive being judged by an image in such a complex world? The answer is different around the world. The classification of strong women is intimidating to some. For some reason, women are tested to prove their worth. To build a better world, we must all become better humans. I believe we all need each other, no matter what gender or trade. Never depreciate your value to the Universe. Women are an enormous asset to the creation and development of economic ventures and do not overlook women’s ambition or character with anything but respect. Different brings quality. And women get shit done.​


I view life with vibrant colors as my imagination comes alive, and my visit here on earth, I squeeze every ounce of my ambition into the word, grateful. My paintbrush is my pen, and the canvas is my diary, as I write some colorful words about life and death—the natural cycles of life lessons. I enjoy exploring the aspects of human relationships, struggles of life, love, trust, redemption, and overcoming tragedy. Join me and take a physical and mental journey to discover something about yourself so you can learn how to win life’s battles and maintain your triumphs. The highs and lows of life are captivating. My writing style is mystery fiction, humor, and a touch of romance because love is always in the picture.

If you are a curious creature, and you wonder what inspires authors to write? How do the creative juices flow? It is the simple pleasures of painting, music, and words all come from the heart. Painting on a canvas and watch the image come alive makes me marvel at life. Music moves and stimulates me. Words create powerful spells, mood, and atmosphere. All of that mixed together makes me giggle about life and sometimes cry. On that subject matter, my most valuable life lesson; it cost nothing to be nice. Life serves karma consequences.

People ask me about my obsession with chicken jokes; the truth is, my chicken lips will never tell. I hope y’all enjoy my chicken scratch. If your GPS personality wants to go right to the source, follow us on social media

May the sun always shine on your beautiful face. I appreciate y’all sticking around for the show.

With Love,

Member of the Women’s Fiction Writers (WFWA). 


Copyright 2020 by Jackie Lynaugh