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Amazon Best Selling Author

Greetings Y'all,

I’m a romantic at heart, love the ocean, painting landscapes, writing about life lessons. I love sunglasses and sunshine. I was born and raised in South Florida. I instantly knew the moment I met my soulmate. We married, moved to the oh geez frozen State of Minnesota. I worked at IBM as a Marketing Manager, writing technical spec-sheets for computer engineers. You know those how-to’s packed tightly in your purchase. My husband flew helicopters in the City of St. Paul. We are currently living in North Carolina.​

I view life with vibrant colors as my imagination comes alive, and my visit here on earth, I squeeze every ounce of my ambition into the word, grateful. My paintbrush is my pen, and the canvas is my diary, as I write some colorful words about the southern romance because love is always in the picture.

I enjoy exploring human relationships, struggles of life, love, trust, redemption, and overcoming tragedy. It’s best to write what you know. Come along and take a physical and mental journey and discover something about yourself so you can learn how to win life’s battles and maintain your triumphs. The highs and lows in life are captivating. ​

If you are a curious creature, and you wonder what inspires authors to write? How do the creative juices flow? It is the simple pleasures of painting, music, and words all come from the heart. Painting on a canvas and watch the image come alive makes me marvel at life. Music moves and stimulates me. Words create powerful spells, mood, and atmosphere. All of that mixed together makes me giggle about life and sometimes cry. It’s best to get it all out of your system. On that subject, my most valuable life lesson, it cost nothing to be nice. Life serves karma consequences. 

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