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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I believe that love should be placed on the top shelf and cared for and appreciated daily as if it were a Van Gogh painting. Love should be treated as one's most famous masterpiece and nurtured carefully as it requires attention to grow. I understand that love can change as unpredictable as the weather. But I do not believe it has anything to do with luck, you never treat it like a game, and it can gobble you up like the Pac-Man.

Everyone has a unique love story, and sometimes, it can feel as if a neon sign is shining brightly, while other times, it may seem like a vacancy sign is open for business. Although we all have different passions and interests. I find joy in writing about love.

I am not where I had hoped to be with writing romance novels, not just yet. But, I am starting to see a sign of hope. Maybe, I’ll never be satisfied. The Publishing business is hard to crack the code of tongue-tied. When I first started writing fiction in 2000, my goals were ambitious, and are today. I felt called to pursue this passion. However, I relied on a safety net that hindered my creativity. I found myself in a state of chaos and inner turmoil that mirrored life's unpredictability. Eventually, I discovered that writing was my new beginning, and I needed to write to grow, regardless of the challenges that lay ahead in the publishing business. Sometimes hope comes and sometimes it disappears.

Come the front door is always open.

Through this journey, I have discovered many inner truths about myself, experienced heartbreak, and found new beginnings of hope. I also learned family can be a blessing and a curse. Much like the story PLANTATION HILL.

I have shed many tears and have faced trials. Writing has given me a newfound peace, and a sense of self. Even during the toughest times, such as the tragic death of my son in 2017, and my mother in 2018. In my husband's fight with lung cancer in 2019, writing has kept me grounded, allowing me to escape from my grief and doubts. I have found solace in the characters I've created, who have taught me so much about life. Secrets about life I could overcome when I write.

A saying that my grandmother frequently used in relation to airing your laundry has now turned into a plentiful basket of knowledge. Even though my grandmother never learned to write, between her hugs, giggles, and expressions she was a wise woman.

Grandma would say, "Young lady, you go look at someone else's clothes hanging out on the clothesline and you'll see your problems aren't so bad."

Airing your laundry of affection or sorrow will never reveal the same story of your neighbors.

My first novel PLANTATION HILL, was a test of faith, and it revealed many things about life. Sending it out into the world with the hope that readers would appreciate and resonate with its themes of truth, grief, chaos, desires, and family secrets. Although the series Plantation Hill dealt with heavy topics, it ultimately showcased the resilience of the human spirit. In conclusion, I believe that love is essential and should be cherished, nurtured, cared for, and treated as one's most prized possession. Even in the most challenging moments, I have found peace in writing and have discovered the power in the written word of HOPE.

Always With Love,

Welcome Home to Plantation Hill

"A place where money grows on trees."

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Oct 20, 2023
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Jun 20, 2023
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Great Story.

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