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Are you working yourself to death?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Are you feeling exhausted, stressed, and struggling to sleep?

I understand how you feel. I yawned every time I look that picture above. I’m just as guilty about working myself to death. I have a lot on my plate as well. Between writing novels, maintaining a blog, staying active on social media, marketing my books, taking care of my husband, doing household chores, cook three square meals, full time bottle washer, lastly exerciser. I don't have any time left for myself for added ZZZ's.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's important to achieve our goals, but we must prioritize our beauty sleep. Take for instance Lara Faye Edison, the bone-chilling protagonist in a romance thriller, AT HER ALL. She works herself to death and focuses on the wrong things, believing she's making the right choices for her bright future. She was wrong!

The lesson here: Proper sleep is the key to success. It's true that even a blind squirrel can find a nut using their sense of smell, but who wants to navigate life blindly. We want to use all our senses to live a full life.

So, how much work is too much work? As someone who retired in 2022 after years of working hard in the corporate world and as a real estate broker, I believed retirement would be relaxing. However, I was wrong! I’m working more hours on my dream than ever before.

Americans have a love for labor. The average employee spends 47 hours per week at work, compared to 35 in Germany or Sweden. The United States also doesn't guarantee paid vacation, and the majority of employees with paid vacation days don't even take them. Unfortunately, our work-obsessed culture can have serious physical consequences, leading to sedentary lifestyles, stress, and sleeplessness that can contribute to illnesses. While physical dangers in the workplace are now regulated, our bodies are suffering slower and less obvious damage.

For example, blue light from computer screens can be harmful to our eyes, and sitting for long periods can cause muscle strains and potentially deadly sedentary lifestyles. Sleep deprivation, which is rampant due to work pressures, can also cause anxiety, poor emotional regulation, physical pain, and impulsive behavior, adding up slowly over time.

I truly need to take my own great advice.

The workplace can also affect our circadian rhythms and cortisol levels, leading to physical health problems, especially heart issues. British employees who work over 10 hours a day had more heart problems than those who worked 7 hours, even when controlling for other factors. Stressful jobs with little control over workflow can also lead to shorter lifespans and poorer health. Science says so!

In conclusion, while work is necessary to live, we must recognize the potential harm it can cause. Prioritizing our health, including getting proper sleep and taking breaks, can help us avoid these negative effects. Click here for more information about AT HER ALL. It’s really good advice.

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