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Book 4

Book 5

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The Little Black Dress Series

Category Drama & Plays, Romantic Suspense

Coming Soon in 2023

What comes first: love, marriage, then comes baby carriage. Not for Lee and Scarlett: First comes divorce, then comes a readymade family from a first marriage. Second comes the wild of the back roads of Minnesota. Third comes City Life for country folks. 

How time flies. Family life is changing. Needs are different. And the world of parenthood of teenagers is like driving down eight lanes of traffic in Atlanta, Georgia with your eyes closed going the wrong way. 

Despite the pressure surrounding them, Lee and Scarlett’s love is a bond inseparable. A new location to the City Life, and the uncharted territory after Lee’s accident. Scarlett accepts a new job offer. The pressure of corporate life, a setback with Lee’s injuries, and college for the boys, is COMPLICATED. 

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