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We have stories to tell. Enjoy some family secrets, sagas, and romantic happy endings with blistering truths, turbulent trials, overwhelming grief, a maze of absolute chaos, twists and turns through inner turmoil and beautiful moments life offers. Guarantee to stimulate your mind.



1. This book is better than a beach vacation because you won’t get sand between the sheets.

2. This book is better than Coco Banana Bread, because you can binge on it and never gain a single pound.

3. This book will not flood spam emails to your inbox because computers don’t exist.

4. This book will not call to sell you a car extended warranty because cell phones did not exist in the 90's.

5. This book will help you realize it’s time to update your last will and testament.

6. This book will change your bad habits to good habits in church because the crazy one-eyed monster can act up anywhere.

7. This book will teach you how to use body language to mesmerize any man.

8. This book will clarify in detail how to avoid jail time.

9. This book reveals how to marry a wealthy, tall, handsome man with a southern accent.

10. This book will take you to a place you will never want to leave called PLANTATION HILL.

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When I think of Alva, I remember his swagger when he entered my Boca Raton office for a business appointment. I felt a haunting, nervous twitch from his sexual charisma. Every cell in my brain’s electronic circuit board of logic reboots with a three finger salute control-alt-delete. Eyeing Alva up and down playfully like a 3D printer, I failed to hit delete. It’s a sensation I’ll never forget. Every neuron inside my head exploded. He’s burnt inside my memory. They say you learn by watching. The day I met Alva, I earned my four-year degree in a New York minute.

#PalmBeach #Sisters #AlphaFemales #MatureAdultRead

Beach Front Houses at the coast of North Carolina with sand, sea grass and ocean in the fo

#LoveTriangle #Romance #Hero #GrovermentAgent

Building Sandcastles

A book series is the kind of escape we've all been craving. From the Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, North Carolina to Switzerland.​

Lara Faye Edison has it all. A family who adores her. Fresh out of college. Her life plan for the perfect career. Ambition awaits her. 

She's wrong!

A minor problem left behind follows her like worn-out baggage. Namely, her college boyfriend Blake—and his lies. Maybe it's time for a getaway, far from her problems.

She thinks!

But what happens next is something Lara never saw coming. Her best-laid plans come undone. There's no telling what a woman will do in the name of love—and revenge to get her life back on track from an overdose of lies and the loophole through hindsight, foresight, and inside.

Red lipstick has been my go-to for years. It never disappointed me, took advantage of me, cheated, or lied to me. I never gave up on my red lipstick.

I used it to my advantage. 

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