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You are lucky! If you can count four good friends on one hand. A good friend is comparable to a four-leaf clover; difficult to find and fortunate to possess. A friend is someone who knows you as you truly are, comprehends your past experiences, accepts the person you have transformed into, stands by your side regardless of the circumstances, and still permits your personal growth. They provide support during times of trouble, and when you achieve success, they cheer for you more enthusiastically than anyone else. Now that is a bestie!

Genuine friends are akin to diamonds—shining, beautiful, precious, and eternally trendy. As I reflect on friendship today, as I approach my 70th year on this planet, I perceive friends in a different light. They become even more valuable, surpassing the worth of all the diamonds in the world.

I also contemplate the bond between sisters. Not everyone has a sister whose value could reach such heights, but sisterly friendship is as precious as the irreplaceable Kohinoor diamond.

Why am I writing about friendships and sisters?

The story INSIDE GLASS TOWERS serves as a great example of these themes, as well as lovers, family business, and male bonding, kidnapping. All of these elements come together to create a captivating story.

However, I must acknowledge that the topic of kidnapping is both terrifying and unfortunately true. When I began writing INSIDE GLASS TOWERS in 2016, it reminded me of a story about a prominent family on the east coast of Florida. This story had been lingering in my memory for 35 years, and I believe it is important for us all to remember Julia Slater, a sister, friend, and daughter.

"Inside Glass Towers" is a topic filled with strong emotions. Additionally, it showcases moments of humor shared among the sisters and their mother. The story brings out their individual differences and imperfections, as they strive to maintain their youth and beauty, despite these distinctions. Each character is unique in their own way, they all share similar needs. I receive feedback from readers commenting on the story's comedic aspects. I often inquire from the reader what chapter of the book they are currently reading and express gratitude for their feedback while hinting that there will be emotional moments to come, so grab the tissues.

BOOK REVIEW: "LOVED IT! I give Inside Glass Towers by Jackie Lynaugh 4 out of 5 stars. It was refreshing to read a book about alpha females instead of alpha males. I enjoyed the small attention to detail the author provides which adds dimension and life to her characters. Thus making them more realistic and more lovable (with all their flaws). I also enjoy reading about the turtle release event since I've had the privilege of being in Florida at this time." Clara Luper

Growing up in Palm Beach County, Florida, I considered it a safe place to live. However, in my twenties, I encountered the tragic event of Julia Slater on the news, and in the newspapers. Questioning the senseless act with friends and family, which left a lasting impact on me, as to how could this happen and how can we stop it.

Ms. Julia Slater, a young and beautiful girl, was kidnapped and murdered in 1982. She was the heiress to a fortune, the kidnappers did not know about. Her death not only taught me about the fragility of life but also instilled a powerful message within me. Her story became etched in my mind, and I want to ensure that Julia Slater is not forgotten.

It is crucial to note that INSIDE GLASS TOWERS is not based on the late Ms. Julia Slater's life, her legend, or the hardships faced by her and her family. When a story needs to be told, I believe in revealing both the positive and negative aspects of life is important. Life is a mystery, and the central focus of this story is shedding light on the issue of females being kidnapped and remembering Julia Slater.

An archived story that should be kept alive. Read More Julia Slater.

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