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Something You Don’t See Everyday.

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

How important are bones? Important enough to name 21 chapters in the novel “AT HER ALL" after a bone. The adult human skeleton is made up of 206 bones. Bones are made of connective tissue reinforced with calcium and bone cells. So yes, bones are important. Bones keep us upright, among other things. The only bone we don’t have is a wishbone, but wouldn’t it be great if we did.

Let’s take a closer look at bones. Teeth are bones that require cleaning because they are the only bones visible to us. As a trained dental assistant, years ago, I know that all teeth are not created equal. So, smile and show off your bones. We should be proud of our bones. If you notice other bones, you should be concerned and consult a doctor. Alternatively, you may currently be undergoing a medical crisis and have had an X-ray taken. When you examine your X-ray, it is difficult to believe that’s inside your body. Bones are similar to air in that they are vital and require care but are out of sight, out of mind. What you can’t see can’t hurt you is not true.

The cranium, also known as the skull, is responsible for keeping the brain in its proper place. Without the skull, the brain would move about freely within the body. Weird and funny if you think about it. Upon reflection- perhaps this is the origin of the phrase "they lost their mind,” came from. Occasionally, individuals will make reference to thinking with their heart or possibly their crotch, but from a medical standpoint, this is inaccurate. The skull houses the brain, which secondarily serves as a storage unit for our thoughts. This is due to the fact that our gut functions as the primary source of nourishment for the brain and sometimes the gut is called our first brain.

Your spine is where you store klickety-cracks. These weird noises can spread to other parts of your body, such as your knees, elbows, neck, wrists, and jaw. Your spine is important for maintaining good posture, which is why adults often remind their children to stand up straight.

The ears consist of three bones: the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup. Despite sounding like automotive engine components, it plays a crucial role in what we want to hear. Called selective hearing. Ears are akin to the conveyance of the face, constantly operational - although it could be argued that our mouth fulfills that function. It's worth noting that our ears cannot start and stop like a car engine.

Finger bones, called phalanges, serve many purposes, including hitchhiking, signaling approval or disapproval, jazz gestures, saying goodbye, enjoying a fancy drink or food, scratching, pointing, giving someone a knuckle sandwich, counting, writing or typing - other things I won't mention.

The bones in our shoulders can indicate feelings of embarrassment or uncertainty about a particular subject. Our shoulders play a role in communicating. We forget to straighten up and pull our shoulders back. The force of gravity tends to push our shoulders back toward the Earth. We have the universe on our shoulders.

Ribs protect your lungs. Our bones often outlast our bodies for many years, and future archaeologists study bones to learn about our lifestyle and collective experiences from our past. A skeleton is a gathering of bones that are sometimes studied in school.

Bones are fascinating. Also, the back cover of the novel "At Her All” displays a picture of a skeleton. There are a lot of jokes about bones.

Why are bones so calm? Nothing gets under their skin.

Feet bones are important for walking. I mean, really, feet are vital to get you where you are going. Sometimes feet are abused.

Before you leave comment below what is your favorite bone.⇩

So why bones? Because if we didn't have bones, we would all be robots.

Click below for the Audiobook of "AT HER ALL"

The Power of Hindsight will be Your Foresight.

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